1: 1. The 1976 Bicentennial quarters have gained popularity for their special design and historical significance.

2: 2. Among these quarters, the highest valued is the Type 2 variety, featuring a deeper, distinct strike.

3: 3. Type 2 quarters can be worth over $25 in uncirculated condition, making them highly sought after by collectors.

4: 4. If you find a Bicentennial quarter without the customary copper-nickel clad layers, it might be worth over $30.

5: 5. Mint errors such as doubled-dies or missing clad layers can drive the value of certain Bicentennial quarters up to $50 or more.

6: 6. Keep an eye out for the popular "S" mintmark quarters, minted in San Francisco, as they can fetch prices of $15 or higher.

7: 7. Bicentennial quarters with full torch strike details can be valued at around $10, especially if they exhibit strong strikes.

8: 8. Low-mintage Bicentennial quarters from the Philadelphia Mint, particularly those in superb condition, can command prices upwards of $20.

9: 9. The condition of a Bicentennial quarter is crucial for determining its value. Coins in uncirculated condition tend to fetch higher prices.