1: "Ada Lovelace - the world's first computer programmer, pioneering the field of computing and inspiring countless women in tech."

2: "Grace Hopper - a trailblazer in computer programming, known for her contributions in developing the COBOL programming language."

3: "Katherine Johnson - an incredible mathematician who played a vital role in NASA's space missions, breaking barriers for women in STEM."

4: "Sheryl Sandberg - a prominent businesswoman and Facebook's COO, promoting gender equality and empowering women in the tech industry."

5: "Megan Smith - a former Google VP and the United States' Chief Technology Officer, advocating for diversity and innovation in tech."

6: "Reshma Saujani - the founder of Girls Who Code, empowering young girls to pursue careers in technology and bridge the gender gap."

7: "Fei-Fei Li - an AI expert and former director of Stanford's AI Lab, championing ethical AI development and inclusion in tech."

8: "Ruth Porat - a finance and technology executive, currently serving as Alphabet's CFO, fostering financial stability and innovation."

9: "Susan Wojcicki - CEO of YouTube, leading the platform's growth and supporting creators, making significant contributions to the tech world." (Note: Each page contains exactly 35 words or fewer)