1: Explore essential yoga poses to kickstart your practice. Improve flexibility and build a strong foundation.

2: The Mountain Pose: Stand tall, grounding yourself with strength. Perfect for aligning the body, finding balance and focus.

3: Child's Pose: A gentle stretch that helps relax and calm the mind. Open up your hips and lower back, release tension from your day.

4: Downward Dog: Energize and strengthen your entire body. Lengthen the spine, improve posture, and relieve stress.

5: Warrior Pose: Feel empowered, build endurance, and boost confidence. Strengthen legs, arms, and core, finding inner peace and stability.

6: Tree Pose: Enhance balance and concentration with this iconic pose. Engage your core, root down, and reach for the sky.

7: Cobra Pose: Open your heart, increase flexibility in your spine. Helps improve digestion, relieve stress, and stimulate circulation.

8: Bridge Pose: Strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. Alleviate tension, gentle inversion, and expand your chest.

9: Savasana: Deep relaxation to absorb the benefits of your practice. Relieve fatigue, calm the mind, and restore mind-body balance.