1: Start your New Year's Eve feast with mouthwatering non-vegetarian dishes that will leave your guests craving more.

2: Indulge in succulent garlic butter shrimp made with a delightful combination of flavors, perfect for any festive occasion.

3: Treat your taste buds with crispy chicken wings, glazed to perfection, and accompanied by a tangy barbecue dip.

4: Kick off the celebrations with tender lamb skewers marinated in aromatic spices, guaranteed to impress your guests.

5: Delight in sizzling seafood paella, a traditional Spanish dish bursting with flavors of saffron-infused rice and assorted seafood.

6: Savor the richness of a perfectly grilled steak, seasoned with herbs and served alongside creamy mushroom sauce.

7: Delicious crab cakes, lightly seared and accompanied by zesty lemon aioli, will take your New Year's Eve menu to the next level.

8: Indulge in buttery lobster tails cooked to perfection and paired with melted garlic butter for an unforgettable feast.

9: Conclude your festive evening with an exquisite seafood risotto, made with a creamy blend of Arborio rice, fresh prawns, and scallops.